Finding Your Worth with Chris LoCurto

Today we chat with leadership and business guru Chris LoCurto about his journey and experience as well as his most recent launching out moment.  Chris is an accomplished entrepreneur, speaker, coach, and leader of leaders helping businesses and individuals realize and maximize their personal and professional potential.

He pours his great passion for people along with decades of experience and perspective into his daily work with business leaders, entrepreneurs, and individuals. It’s this passion and insight which has led businesses to explode their revenues and helped thousands to realize their potential and live a stronger life.

Today, Chris owns and leads the Poimen Group, LLC – a life, business, and leadership coaching business dedicated to serving individuals and businesses in the U.S. and around the world. Chris and his team employ coaching vehicles which include strategic business planning, one-on-one leadership coaching, mastermind groups, life coaching, live events, and more.


[3:25] - Got an early start at Etrade

[3:35] - Promoted to first leadership role

[4:32] - Always paying attention to people

[5:04] - My leadership sucked!

[6:30] - Hired by Dave Ramsey

[7:16] - Started EntreLeadership

[8:07] - Along the way - kept helping people/coaching people

[9:40] - "For 3 years I pushed back on the inclination that I needed to launch out…"

[10:42] - Dave wouldn’t let me leave

[10:55] - HUGE leap of faith

[12:13] - First client before leaving 

[15:22] - 2 types of fear: Healthy vs Unhealthy

[17:58] - What if it didn’t work?

[20:04] - Finally made the jump

[20:55] - Getting over the fear of losing worth

[21:18] - External struggles

[21:56] - MISTAKES; “But I have a good idea…"

[22:51] - People don’t think through the marketing

[24:44] - Understanding that intellectually we shouldn’t have the fears….

[25:08] - Your worth shouldn’t come from what other people think of you

[26:24] - Someone manipulating me, we call them UNHEALTHY

[26:48] - Why are you getting your worth and your value from toxic people?

[29:46] -

[29:49] - When I met Chris for the first time… 

[30:43] - Mentors

[32:24] - What Christ wants everyone to know

[34:15] - What Chris is most excited about!

[34:27] - How can we help change more lives?!

[34:39] - Next Level Mastermind

[35:49] - Strat Plan

[35:57] - Next Level Life

[37:00] - Removing bad media

[39:12] - Meg Meeker on Chris LoCurto Show

[39:32] - Focus first on God’s Word and commentaries related to that

[40:46] - Legacy Chris want’s to leave behind

[41:49] - Connect with Chris!

    The Chris LoCurto Show



[43:55] - "Launching Out is to go after something, to put yourself in a place where you are helping people get what they need in life."

Zig Ziglar - If you help enough people get what they need in life, you don’t have to worry about anything else.

[45:15] - Everything you do should be about helping people

3 Key Take-a-ways:

1. Don’t get your worth from toxic people!  Find your worth in God.

2. Removing bad media - it's a waste of life!

3. Everything you do should be about helping people


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Is Busy Better?

Life is busy, right? that’s what we say all the time…you pass someone at the grocery store or coffee shop or maybe the gym and they ask how things are going and you say, “good, but busy”. Or maybe you cancel appointments or commitments a lot with the excuse that “you’re just too busy, you lost track of time” etc. 

One of the things I struggle with, probably like most of you, is I like to keep my plate full! You could say it’s because I enjoy being busy but I also just love new things! I love to serve people and volunteer to help.  For example, just last week, being able to take a good part of the day and help some dear friends load their moving truck, or run to the airport and pick up their family member who was coming in to help drive that truck.  I LOVE the fact that I have the flexibility to be able to pivot and take on things like this.  I am the "1,000 ideas a minute” guy, and when I have an idea, I love to run with it, BUT I’m also a thinker so I can stew over it a while and then take the dive.  Either way, no matter what, I think we can all agree that being busy is the norm these days, and Keeping Busy can either make you effective or ineffective — the good news is you get to choose.

So before you chug on ahead into the next thing, take a moment and evaluate your priorities and decide if the things that have you so busy are actually the things you value and want most.

Don't let other people's priorities for you become your priorities by default.  This is YOUR life.  Are you who you want to be? 

The Course Inside You with Brian Dixon

Dr. Brian J. Dixon is the founder of Amplify Publishers, where he helps authors, speakers and bloggers create and launch online courses. Brian previously founded The Dixon Agency, a boutique marketing firm that helps content creators leverage their message online. From wordpress websites and online sales funnels to membership sites and retargeting campaigns.

A published author, speaker, and coach, Brian loves challenging people to think bigger and take action on their passion. His challenge to “Do Your Impossible” was featured at a TedX conference. Brian founded The Mentorship Academy, a technology-based charter high school teaching students serving underserved students in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Brian has the heart of a teacher and taught video production and website design to middle and high school students for seven years. He and his beautiful family reside in Charlotte, NC. 

[01:53] — Brian’s Journey

Join Course Creator Content on Facebook

[08:44] — "Seeds of your entrepreneurial journey start in your day job.” — Dr. Brian J. Dixon

[11:00] — Revenue 

[12:15] — Tipping Point

“Hustle to the Horizon! Go as far as you can with what you know right now"
"Nothing like failing to give you feedback"

[14:50] — Get to know the space 

[18:20] — Consulting to Leading

“I didn’t become a leader until I had a few failures” 
"Your launch isn’t as glamorous. Launching is awesome but after you’ve launched is the ‘dip’ of ‘do I really want to do this?’"

[21:00] — Entrepreneurial ‘ah-ha'    

[22:39] — Models and Mentors

Models: Success leaves clues 

Mentors: “Don’t think you’re by yourself” 

[23:20] — “Who” Jeff Smart

[26:55] — Going First

“With vulnerability, you always have to go first”

[29:20] — Jack Cantels Success Principles 

“If you take a risk and ask someone to join you, you’re not losing anything if they say no.”

[33:52] — Excited About 

[34:20] — Carl Young 

“Nothing has a stronger influence psychologically on their children than the unlived life of their parent"

[37:52] — Jamie Tardy w/ Eventual Millionaire 

“The Resource you’re looking for is probably already on your hard-drive.”

[38:49] — 3-1 Rule “Less input more output”

[39:52] — 2 Timothy 4:3

[41:35] — Legacy to Leave

[42:47] — Take action, face the fear and do it anyways 

[43:27] — Connect w/ Brian Dixon

Brian on Facebook

Brian on Twitter

What does it mean to Launch Out!

“Listening to that voice inside and sharing it with people.” 

3 Key Take-aways: 

  1. Seeds of your entrepreneurial journey start in your day job,
  2. Recognizing models and establishing mentors,
  3. There’s nothing like results to give you momentum in moving forward. 


Why Launching Out! is for EVERYONE

So heres the deal.

No matter how we learn best, it’s always 100% true that we can learn from the experiences of others. Maybe you’re not starting something new RIGHT NOW but you will one day. At some point in your life and I submit that it’s probably sooner than later, you will do something for the first time… embracing fear, taking a next step, or maybe even a leap or a big risk…. Its ALL part of that ‘doing something new' ride. 

You know, when I first had the idea for this show, it was a personal passion project that I knew I would learn and grow from, but honestly I wasn’t sure exactly how it could or would impact others.  I was obviously hopeful, but figured I would start the journey and see where it went.  The more conversations I have, and ESPECIALLY the more feedback I receive, the more passionate I am to continue this journey because it is even more invigorating to know that YOU the listeners are learning, growing, being challenged, and taking those next steps!

Your stories inspire me to keep the content coming, and to dig deeper and find more ways that I can help you overcome those hurdles and take the next step even if you’re scared, or have no clue what do to after that first step..  So I am working on a few ideas right now, but I would LOVE to know what YOU think would be helpful resources in a launching out journey!  Seriously!  So if you would, shoot me an email at and put “resources” or something like that in the subject line, and fire away.  I mean this.  I want to hear what your biggest struggles to launching out are and how I can help you overcome them. 

So while I’m on the topic of feedback, I thought I’d share a cool email I received a little while ago from one of our listeners: Kim.  And I hope this inspires and encourages you wherever you are in your journey.  So here’s what Kim wrote:

"As a 20-year-old college student who is very unsure about the direction my life is heading, the Launching Out podcast has been a huge encouragement to me in a variety of ways. First of all, it's inspired me. I have heard so many unique and crazy stories about how other people have pursued their dreams and passions despite all the risk and fear that is involved, and it's super inspiring to hear theses stories and it gives me hope that no matter what path I choose to follow in life, I am fully capable of reaching success. Second, it's helped me find new resources to better myself and improve daily routines in my life. Through listening to this show, I have begun to listen to other motivational and leadership podcasts that have connected me with resources and tools on how to be more productive and achieve my goals. I have learned the proper way to set my personal goals and work towards them as well as how to better plan out the use of my time and become more productive."

Seriously, that fires me up.  Kim, if you are digging into these stories and learning from others, and taking to heart the realities of taking risks, and setting goals, and increasing your personal productivity, I have no doubt that you will find your success - whatever path you choose.  You are so far ahead of most of your peers just being aware of this!  It took me most of my 20s of emotionally wrestling with what I want to do when I grow up, and then lots of reading, and listening and learning to get to the place where I was in tune to personal growth and goal setting and such.  So kudos to you, and DON’T STOP!

And if you’re listening and maybe you’re young and have lots of NEW experiences that are still on the horizon, or maybe you’re older and you’ve lived and learned a lot the hard way, maybe you’re becoming increasingly risk averse… whatever the case, wherever you are in YOUR journey, remember, its just a series of baby steps, but you’ll NEVER achieve that vision or dream if you don’t start moving towards the target.  So take that CRITICAL next step NOW.

A Mobilizing Fear

Dan Pennell is the founder and CEO of WMtek, Inc. which exclusively offers the Site Stacker, an enterprise software platform for non-profit organizations. A primary focus for Dan is consulting with NPO's to identify organizational challenges and implement solutions, especially in the area of business workflow and enterprise-wide technological deployment. With a background in sales and marketing Dan was an executive at WPTV when he took the leap of starting his own company, an ad agency, which eventually look the lead in media sales of South Florida. Eventually, Dan sought a career that served a bigger purpose and founded WMTEK. 

[02:20] — Dan’s Journey

[10:03] — THIS IS IT!

[14:51] — Unexpected Opportunity

“I literally have until the end of the day to decide if I’m doing this or not.” 

[16:15] — The struggle/excitement

[16:53] — Respond to the Risk

“You’re at the high dive and ask yourself, ‘Am I going to jump?’”

[19:40] — The Fear

"A Fear that mobilized me, didn’t paralyze me." 

[21:33] — External Hurdles

[23:45] — Advice

“Never leave the office without doing one thing that will improve your situation.” — Reese Coffman

[25:50] — One Thing for Sales TODAY! 

[28:40] — Encourage the Next Step

“Evaluate WHY! Why means more than what." 

[34:00] — Aligning Your Life & Work

“Why is more important than what, and it’s certainly more important than how much”

[38:00] — How to Keep Moving

[38:40] — Dependance and Faith

[39:34] — Turmoil and Friction

[42:15] — Fired Up!

[44:27] — Legacy  

[45:32] — Connect w/ Dan


[46:28] — Resources

Raving Fans by William Morrow

Traction by Justin Mares

[47:50] — What does it mean to Launch Out!

“To do what God has called you to do!”

Key Take-aways:

  1. “Never leave the office without doing one thing that will improve your situation”, 
  2. If you feel called it’s worth respond to the risk,
  3. Your why is worth so much more than your what! 


Brian McIntire

Brian is the Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer at Think Company, an award-winning experience design firm in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. A hands-on UX designer since 1997 and an early champion of the field of User Experience Design, Brian started Think Company in 2007 with the idea that great software products result from research-driven methodology and design decisions that are always based on evidence. Brian leads a growing team of 75 researchers, designers, and developers as they create smart, beautiful design solutions for Fortune 500 clients in a wide range of industries.

[01:58] — Brian’s Journey

[06:00] — Reasons Why Not To Launch

[07:40] — BIGGEST Hurdle

[09:26] — Calculated Risks

[10:08] — Having a Business Partner

[11:00] — Advice for Support

[12:38] — 3 Key People

[13:34] — “I wish we knew…”

[15:39] — What ThinkBrownstone Does

[18:54] — Importance of “Rethinking” Your Launch Process

[21:22] — Whats Got You Fired Up 

[22:14] — Resources

Good to Great by Jim Collins

Brian's Notes for Good to Great

Mastering The Game of Money by Tony Robbins

[24:50] — Your Legacy

[26:17] — Communicate You Care

[27:12] — Find Brian McIntire

Follow Brian on Twitter

Check out ThinkCompany on Instagram

Check out ThinkCompany on Facebook

[27:35] — What Does it Mean to Launch Out!

“Take a risk and believe that you can do something that doesn’t rely on someone else giving you permission or providing the space for you to succeed. We were created to create, and the act of creating something, whether it’s art, music, or a company, is incredibly satisfying and gratifying and it’s something I think we all can do." 

Key Take-aways:

  1. It’s easier to take risks when you have someone taking risks alongside you,
  2. Organizational hierarchy is not a bad thing,
  3. 'Thank you' at work is like 'I love you' at home.

Just Ship!

Today I want to cover a topic that I won’t say is PLAGUING me, but is something I am working on RIGHT NOW, so I thought I'd share the insight with you!

I have covered a few topics in my mini-episodes that I personally need to work on, because for me, taking the time to write and talk about them helps me work on my own habits.  Now, its not that I am perfecting each of them overnight, and some of them I am better at than others, but like I’ve said before, the important thing is making progress and improvement.  

Today I want to quickly cover a topic that I’ve spent time preaching (I mean teaching) to my former team at my last job and it's a topic that is easy for me to talk ABOUT but a little harder to always DO, and that is the principle of shipping.

And the way I like to look at it is with this concept: 80% and SHIPPED is better than 100% on the shelf EVERY.TIME.

If we stop for a moment and think about it, we all know it's true.  A product, an email, a blog, video, you name it, is worthless if it sits in your head, on your desk or on your computer and never reaches a customer or an audience. 

Now this is being said by a struggling perfectionist and I’ll be the first to raise my hand: “Hi, my name is Brian, and I’m a perfectionist.”  There, it’s out there in the open.  PHEW. 

But seriously.  I have a vision in my head of what I want something to be like and work hard for it, and when it’s not quite there, I want it to be JUST RIGHT.  But this can also cause me to hesitate, or wait, and iterate over and over to get everything just perfectly perfect the way I see it in my head, but the problem is if I never ship, it never reaches others! 

Case and point - this show.  It took a few months longer than I hoped to get it dialed in the way I wanted it before I went live and the week I pulled the trigger I was second-guessing it saying “its not QUITE ready” and “I just want to tweak this one thing or have the intro sound a LITTLE bit better.”  Stuff that in all honesty, the things I was nit-picking over most of you wouldn’t ever notice and it's because I am WAY too close to the project and I see all its flaws.

Even now, I can have a tendency to want to hold an episode either in editing or concept and make it just perfect the way it is in my head before I let it go, but the reality is in most cases, the 80% version is perfectly ok to ship and again, only I will really notice its flaws because I’m so close to it.  

As a creator, entrepreneur, dreamer, and doer, YOU know your product or project the best so you are the one who will nit-pick it to death!  And literally!  We will KILL IT.  It’ll never live and see the light of day if we don’t send it off.  You can always iterate and improve on something down the line, but you’ve got to get it out there.  

I think that’s why it’s important to have people in your life, friends, family, whoever, that you let tell you like it is.  And you know will actually call you on it and say, “Yo Brian.  You are WAY overthinking this, just let it go.”  And 99% of the time, they’re right.

So what’s the take-a-way?


Just do it.

Brian, just send it off.

I need this reminder as much as anyone, but thought it would be a good one to share with you today.  Whatever the project, dream, goal, product, or organization is, get it LAUNCHED!  And 80% and shipped will not only get the train moving down the tracks, but will also let you begin to tweak what you don’t like, often FASTER than if you hadn’t shipped at all yet, because perhaps you’ll be self-conscious about people seeing it, OR you may begin to get feedback that tells you that the thing you wanted to keep fixing your customer or audience doesn't care as much about as something ELSE and you need to shift your focus!  But you won’t get that valuable feedback unless you do what??


So there’s what I’m working on right now.  And if you’re hung up on something, and particularly if you’re hung up on taking the next step towards launching out, get out of your own head!  Remember, 80% and SHIPPED is better than 100% on the shelf EVERY. TIME.

Arranging Beauty with Jenn Sanchez

Jenn Sanchez always knew that art would play a significant role in in her life, but not certain where that passion would take her.  Jenn painted for years, with dreams of it becoming a lifelong career.  In her late teen years she painted several pieces with flowers as the primary focus, when she was encouraged to try her hand at arranging flowers.  Shortly after, Jenn went to the flower market in Los Angeles and could not believe such a place existed; with great fascination by all the species, which at the time, were completely foreign to Jenn. Jenn has been working with flowers ever since, and in the process realized flowers were the medium she had always wanted to work with.  More tangible and multi-dimensional than paint and so perfectly imperfect, Jenn is constantly in awe of their ability to completely transform a room as a living medium. While she still appreciates and practices a variety of artistic expressions, Jenn's work is primarily devoted to recreating natural environments with flowers and foliage. 

Jenn has had the honor of collaborating/being published in various platforms such as Santa Barbara Magazine, Design Sponge, Method Home, Revolve, Zola, Studio Table, Style me Pretty, Green Wedding shoes, Wedding Sparrow, Design Love Fest, Style Me Pretty, Daydream LA, 100 Layer Cake, Ruffled, June Bug Weddings

[01:20] — Jenn’s Journey

[03:30] — Impact of Kindness

[04:46] — Biggest Hurdles

[05:35] — Ira Glass Gap Theory (video)

[06:29] — Every Job Means Experience

[09:15] — Growth and Collaboration

[09:50] — Be Intentional and Be Consistent 

[12:17] — What Changed? @Designlovefest

[13:35] — Planoly App  

[16:30] — Being Known

[21:58] — Piece of Advice #1: Keep at it, don’t be discouraged

[23:02] — Piece of Advice #2: Take Risks

[25:07] — Looking Forward to:

The Unknowns- Workshops/Weddings coming up. 

[26:32] — Resources

    Ira Glass

    Blink by Malcom Gladwell

    Lewis Howes 

    EOFire with John Lee Dumas

    StoryBrand with Donald Miller

[29:26] — Remember about you: character 

[30:50] — Connect w/ Jenn


snapchat @jennchezdesign

[31:29] — What does it mean to LaunchOut!

“Work hard, keep your head down, ignore the haters and take risks."

3 Key Take-aways:

  1. Be Intentional and Be Consistent,
  2. Leave the naysayers, don’t be discouraged and take risks!
  3. Take the Unknowns, opportunities can be right around the corner! 

Less but Better - Discussing Essentialism

Hi everyone!  Welcome back to the Launching Out! podcast.  Brian Hosan here and this is episode 16!  

Today I want to do something a little different and rock my very first BOOK REVIEW.  Yup, I thought I’d take minute to review a book I just read - SO good in fact, that I read it cover-to-cover on a cross-country flight a few weeks back.  The book is titled “Essentialism - The disciplined Pursuit of less” by NYT best selling author Greg McKeown.

Now, I had heard of this book a while back and it had been recommended by a friend who said it changed his life and business so I put it on my Christmas list and well, Santa came through, (I actually think it was one of my siblings) but anyway, it took a few months till I made the time to tackle it, and like I mentioned a moment ago, it was so good I chewed through it basically in one sitting (minus a layover in Chicago- but that’s besides the point).

So I am going to give you my personal “Cliff’s notes”  and just cover a few core ideas and quotes that I jotted down that really jumped out at me, and I hope, will challenge your status quo of thinking as well.


Right off the bat, Greg introduces the Basic Value Proposition of essentialism and it is this:

"Only once you give yourself permission to stop trying to do it all, to stop saying yes to everyone, can you make your highest contribution towards the things that really matter." 

He goes on to summarize this with another idea in just 3 words "LESS BUT BETTER"

I like this idea because I know that in prior work roles I have really struggled with being a “yes” guy - feeling like I have to or should say “yes” to just about anything that came my way.  And maybe part of that is the fact that I love to serve other people so by taking it on, I’m serving, right?  But we also probably have all realized that the more we have on our plate, the less effective we usually are at any one area.  In fact, most of the time, all the things we are trying to juggle are getting a half-baked effort at best.

You may have also heard it said that If you don't prioritize your life, someone else will.  True... But in today’s world, technology has lowered the barrier for others to share their opinion about what we should be focusing on. It's not just information overload, lets call it OPINION overload.

At some point or another I think we have ALL come face to face with the reality and pressures we feel from outside sources, but I’m going to outline quick what Greg calls the 3 Assumptions of the Non-Essentialist: (which are)

  1. I have to,
  2. It's all important,
  3. I can do both.

Now, counter that with his 3 Core truths of Essentialism: (which are)

  1. I choose to,
  2. Only a few things really matter,
  3. I can do anything but not everything.

In almost any situation we have options or multiple things we can choose between…

"Our options may be things, but a choice is an ACTION. We may not always have control over our options, but we ALWAYS have control over how we choose among them."
"When we surrender our right to choose, we give others not just the power but also the explicit permission to choose for us."

Perhaps you may have heard someone illustrate it this way: if you had a major medical emergency to you or a close family member TODAY - how would that effect your decisions on priorities the next day, week, month or perhaps even year?? How you spend your time, what you value, what is - you guessed it - ESSENTIAL??

McKeown goes on to quote Michael Porter when he says "Strategy is about making choices, trade-offs. It's about deliberately choosing to be different." 

This thought is interesting as well: 

"For an essentialist,  Instead of asking, 'what do I have to give up?' They ask, 'what do I want to go big on?'"

I really like that.

In the book Greg uses a visual illustration of how we exert our effort on project.  "Picture a circle with 10 short arrows pointing out in different directions - then next to it a circle with ONE arrow pointing out, the combined length of all 10 of the arrows in the first picture."  For me it was just a cool imagery for how we often dilute our ability to be MOST effective.

Don’t get me wrong - this is a struggle for me, and probably MOST of us if we’re honest.  But I like to learn and to be doing my best to become a better version of myself.  And that just means making progress.  Not being willing to stay in the same place in my personal development.

So a few more nuggets for you before we wrap up, I don’t want to give away everything, but let me reiterate, this book is - dare I say - an ESSENTIAL read!  Get it?  Haha, ok.  

In talking about moving towards setting your own priorities rather than accepting everyone else’s priorities for you Greg talks about setting boundaries and says….

"Boundaries can come at a high price. However, not pushing back costs more: our ability to choose what is most essential in life." 

If you haven’t picked up Dr. Henry Cloud’s book called Boundaries which is referenced in the book, it’s another great read and really important to help walk through the process of not letting others dictate when, how, and what you do, but taking the proactive approach and establishing the boundaries for your relationships, your projects, your hobbies, or whatever.

Another little nugget for me was:

"Use the good times to create a buffer for the bad." 

Good thought - its usually easier to plan ahead and set things up when things are going well.  Good reminder.

And I’ll share this as one of my final thoughts from the book, but Greg asks the question:

"What is the obstacle that is keeping you back from achieving what really matters to you??  Systematically identify and remove the "constraint" to reduce the friction keeping you from executing what is essential." 

An essentialist produces more by removing more instead of doing more. 

SO to summarize for ME personally I’d say my key take-a-ways are:

  1. Identify what matters most to me.
  2. Identify and remove the (as Greg puts it) constraints that keep me from accomplishing those essential things
  3. Less, but better.

I hope this piqued your curiosity, and I highly recommend you go out and grab this book and devour it, then APPLY it to your life.  Good good stuff here.  You can check out the show notes at for a direct link to snag the book and don’t forget if you haven’t already, sign up to get the next show delivered straight to your inbox as well.


Forced to Launch with Stacy Ettel


Stacy Ettel began his career in the Navy as a navigator on a Navy Frigate. At the age of 23, he began what would be a remarkable career at the University of Florida Police Department. He was named Officer of the Year in 1994, made sergeant in just three years, and began training and teaching early on. Ettel took over the security for the school athletes and soon he gained the trust of the football program leaders, and notably Coach Urban Meyer. At 37 years of age, Ettel was promoted to lieutenant. In 2010, Ettel faced a tragedy that would change his journey. That incident brought Ethel to start the formation of the Law Enforcement Advocacy Network (L.E.A.N.) which is a non profit organization that seeks to bring the stories of each law enforcement officer that has been mistreated for simply doing their job to the public eye.  This bold initiative calls for real leadership within a profession that has let political correctness ruin the lives of many.

Stacy Ettel has been working as a deputy in Florida for four years. He keeps a low profile like most officers, serving his community unselfishly. He and his wife, Martha, lead bike tours and go on humanitarian trips to places like Haiti. They also volunteer with the Florida Southern Baptist Disaster Relief, lending their time to help those who’ve gone through tragedy.

[02:55] — Stacy’s Career

[05:26] — The event that changed everything

Click here to watch Stacy Ettel’s Story

[07:31] — A changed name and uncertain next steps

[09:43] — Going back to law enforcement, rebuilding

[10:44] — When you don’t know the next step

[11:10] — Responding to what happened

[11:55] — Surrender

[13:46] — Moving your story forward

[14:08] — L.E.A.N

[15:08] — Media vs Me

[19:18] — What’s next for Stacy? 

[22:26] — Resources

 The Bible

 Jeremiah 29:11

 WatchGuard Video 

[24:51] — What Does it mean to Launch Out!

"LaunchingOut! I picture this rocket sitting on a launch pad and it ignites and takes off. There were so many people that had so much guts to sit down in that rocket and take off. And I think everyone of us are a rocket, where are we launching to, who’s controlling that rocket, who’s launching us? If we focus on those things and the opportunities that are out there in this big world instead of staying in our small shell, it’s so exciting if we aren’t scared to launch!"

3 Key Take-aways: 

  1. When you have no control, learn to surrender and then use your story to impact others! 
  2. No matter where you are, or what you’re going through there is hope.
  3. We are all dealt a hand of cards, so play your hand and show it!