The Course Inside You with Brian Dixon

Dr. Brian J. Dixon is the founder of Amplify Publishers, where he helps authors, speakers and bloggers create and launch online courses. Brian previously founded The Dixon Agency, a boutique marketing firm that helps content creators leverage their message online. From wordpress websites and online sales funnels to membership sites and retargeting campaigns.

A published author, speaker, and coach, Brian loves challenging people to think bigger and take action on their passion. His challenge to “Do Your Impossible” was featured at a TedX conference. Brian founded The Mentorship Academy, a technology-based charter high school teaching students serving underserved students in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Brian has the heart of a teacher and taught video production and website design to middle and high school students for seven years. He and his beautiful family reside in Charlotte, NC. 

[01:53] — Brian’s Journey

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[08:44] — "Seeds of your entrepreneurial journey start in your day job.” — Dr. Brian J. Dixon

[11:00] — Revenue 

[12:15] — Tipping Point

“Hustle to the Horizon! Go as far as you can with what you know right now"
"Nothing like failing to give you feedback"

[14:50] — Get to know the space 

[18:20] — Consulting to Leading

“I didn’t become a leader until I had a few failures” 
"Your launch isn’t as glamorous. Launching is awesome but after you’ve launched is the ‘dip’ of ‘do I really want to do this?’"

[21:00] — Entrepreneurial ‘ah-ha'    

[22:39] — Models and Mentors

Models: Success leaves clues 

Mentors: “Don’t think you’re by yourself” 

[23:20] — “Who” Jeff Smart

[26:55] — Going First

“With vulnerability, you always have to go first”

[29:20] — Jack Cantels Success Principles 

“If you take a risk and ask someone to join you, you’re not losing anything if they say no.”

[33:52] — Excited About 

[34:20] — Carl Young 

“Nothing has a stronger influence psychologically on their children than the unlived life of their parent"

[37:52] — Jamie Tardy w/ Eventual Millionaire 

“The Resource you’re looking for is probably already on your hard-drive.”

[38:49] — 3-1 Rule “Less input more output”

[39:52] — 2 Timothy 4:3

[41:35] — Legacy to Leave

[42:47] — Take action, face the fear and do it anyways 

[43:27] — Connect w/ Brian Dixon

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What does it mean to Launch Out!

“Listening to that voice inside and sharing it with people.” 

3 Key Take-aways: 

  1. Seeds of your entrepreneurial journey start in your day job,
  2. Recognizing models and establishing mentors,
  3. There’s nothing like results to give you momentum in moving forward.