Why Launching Out! is for EVERYONE

So heres the deal.

No matter how we learn best, it’s always 100% true that we can learn from the experiences of others. Maybe you’re not starting something new RIGHT NOW but you will one day. At some point in your life and I submit that it’s probably sooner than later, you will do something for the first time… embracing fear, taking a next step, or maybe even a leap or a big risk…. Its ALL part of that ‘doing something new' ride. 

You know, when I first had the idea for this show, it was a personal passion project that I knew I would learn and grow from, but honestly I wasn’t sure exactly how it could or would impact others.  I was obviously hopeful, but figured I would start the journey and see where it went.  The more conversations I have, and ESPECIALLY the more feedback I receive, the more passionate I am to continue this journey because it is even more invigorating to know that YOU the listeners are learning, growing, being challenged, and taking those next steps!

Your stories inspire me to keep the content coming, and to dig deeper and find more ways that I can help you overcome those hurdles and take the next step even if you’re scared, or have no clue what do to after that first step..  So I am working on a few ideas right now, but I would LOVE to know what YOU think would be helpful resources in a launching out journey!  Seriously!  So if you would, shoot me an email at brian@brianhosan.com and put “resources” or something like that in the subject line, and fire away.  I mean this.  I want to hear what your biggest struggles to launching out are and how I can help you overcome them. 

So while I’m on the topic of feedback, I thought I’d share a cool email I received a little while ago from one of our listeners: Kim.  And I hope this inspires and encourages you wherever you are in your journey.  So here’s what Kim wrote:

"As a 20-year-old college student who is very unsure about the direction my life is heading, the Launching Out podcast has been a huge encouragement to me in a variety of ways. First of all, it's inspired me. I have heard so many unique and crazy stories about how other people have pursued their dreams and passions despite all the risk and fear that is involved, and it's super inspiring to hear theses stories and it gives me hope that no matter what path I choose to follow in life, I am fully capable of reaching success. Second, it's helped me find new resources to better myself and improve daily routines in my life. Through listening to this show, I have begun to listen to other motivational and leadership podcasts that have connected me with resources and tools on how to be more productive and achieve my goals. I have learned the proper way to set my personal goals and work towards them as well as how to better plan out the use of my time and become more productive."

Seriously, that fires me up.  Kim, if you are digging into these stories and learning from others, and taking to heart the realities of taking risks, and setting goals, and increasing your personal productivity, I have no doubt that you will find your success - whatever path you choose.  You are so far ahead of most of your peers just being aware of this!  It took me most of my 20s of emotionally wrestling with what I want to do when I grow up, and then lots of reading, and listening and learning to get to the place where I was in tune to personal growth and goal setting and such.  So kudos to you, and DON’T STOP!

And if you’re listening and maybe you’re young and have lots of NEW experiences that are still on the horizon, or maybe you’re older and you’ve lived and learned a lot the hard way, maybe you’re becoming increasingly risk averse… whatever the case, wherever you are in YOUR journey, remember, its just a series of baby steps, but you’ll NEVER achieve that vision or dream if you don’t start moving towards the target.  So take that CRITICAL next step NOW.