Before The Launch with Kenny Hopkins (part 1)

Kenny Hopkins founded Aurora Cinema to focus on the art of crafting beautiful and memorable wedding films.  And he has accomplished that!  

A few months ago, Kenny and I met to discuss some next steps for his business and a little idea he had to help create awesome content for his clients and his industry.  Since that meeting, Kenny has built his idea and is just about to launch it!  BUT - theres a catch... Anytime any of us decides we are going to go for it and launch out, there are always hurdles, challenges and reasons to quit.  So I asked Kenny to join me for a special Launching Out! podcast episode just before he launches his new idea.  In this candid conversation we talk about the fears, the hurdles, and the reasons not to continue all the while knowing that Kenny is going for it no matter what.  But the fear still looms. 

So be encouraged on this one.  No matter where you are in your journey, there will always be a battle to not continue, but I hope you grab the fact that we are all in this together, so the most important thing is to take the next step!

Go check Kenny out on all his social channels and most importantly, go check out his new podcast Now You're Engaged!!

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