Rock Thomas

For over a decade Rock Thomas has influenced organizations and individuals world-wide. His credentials include a lifetime of entrepreneurial and personal successes from Real-Estate mogul, radio personality to author and Peak Performance Trainer!

Rock is the successful book author of “The Power of Your Identity”  and the sought after seminar programs: Inside the Millionaire Mindset & The Six Keys to Success. Rock is also inspiring the world with his newly released 90-Day Breakthrough Program: The Top 10 Rules of Success.

Currently the owner of two KW franchises and is the OP for the newest office located in the West of Montreal. His former Six Real Estate franchises, with over 270 realtors, sold a billion dollars of Real estate annually and were voted the top-producing offices for the ten years he was running them. 


[02:42] — Summary of Rock’s Journey

[04:14] — Met my first millionaire (Believed in me)

[07:05] — Develop your ask

[08:00] — Think like a VIP

[09:21] — Your Epic Life Blueprint Summary

[11:30] — What made the shift

[13:40] — "You can’t do it alone and nothing great was created alone.”

[15:45] — Definition of Mastermind

[17:15] — Whole Life Wealth

[20:30] — Advice for “20 year old” Rock

[20:57] — "You manifest what you think about.”

[23:14] — Asking quality questions

[25:02] — "Get around people who are getting the results that you want."

[26:34] — Most excited about right now

[28:25] — Motivation

[30:50] — Primary Recommendations for Financially Free

[34:40]— The Blueprint/The Formula

        Your Epic Life Blueprint Community



[36:10] — "Say Yes and figure it out later…be in the conversation of possibility."

[40:00] — Recommendations

   Your Epic Life Blueprint

   Tim Ferris

   Subtle Art of Not Giving a F

   Man’s Search for Meaning 

   Napoleon Hill

   Tony Robins

[42:48] — What to be remembered by

[44:15] — What does it mean to Launch Out!

"To say yes, to just about everything and then to process and make sure it’s not stupid or incongruent or out of integrity for you. But to be the type of person that when people are around you they feel open and alive and included and that you are going to be somebody who is going to keep the energy moving in a positive direction. Upward, possibility, so launching out is about being somebody of possibility to others around you.”

4-Key Takeaways: 

  1. Level up your peer group and develop your ask,
  2. Nurture yourself and find someone to mentor you, 
  3. You manifest what you think about,
  4. Have someone pour into you and pour into someone else.