A Totally Activated Life with Nitin Chhoda

Nitin Chhoda began his launching out journey as an immigrant from India to the US in 2002.  In a post-911 world, what began as scraping by, became a story of triumph and persistence as Nitin pushed through obstacles and setbacks on his way to building the life and career he envisions.  As a licensed physical therapist and a published author, Nitin is a trusted adviser to healthcare practices across the country. He spends most of his time writing articles, speaking at conferences and consulting with clients on the phone. Constantly in pursuit of new ways to automate systems and marketing using technology, Nitin now juggles multiple roles as a writer, consultant, inventor and family guy.


[2:29] - physical therapist born and raised in India

[2:50] - came to the US with no money

[3:54] - past 10yrs working from home and employ 30 people who all work remotely

[4:16] - own 4 million dollar business

[4:41] - a broken immigrant…

[5:19] - initially came to US for education

[5:35] - luck that he was offered an opportunity to work in the US

[6:23] - America is the greatest country in the world…

[6:48] - Unique country in the world that offers opportunity to EVERYONE

[7:29] - Not taking anything for granted & appreciating the opportunity

[8:08] - Feel so strongly about living in America

[9:02] - Father passed away

[9:27] - Could not fly back for father’s funeral…

[11:47] - “Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…"

[12:25] - Life is going to throw unexpected challenges at you NO MATTER WHAT

[12:53] - How do you RESPOND??

[14:19] - If you’re unhappy with your struggles, one day you will look back and appreciate it

[15:51] - Starting a business has two choices: start from scratch or model success

[16:57] - An entrepreneur adds more value by seeing whats out there and making it better

[18:04] - Passion: the marketing side of business

[20:17] - Our priorities change as we get older

[22:05] - What is “Total Activation?”

    [22:12] - Philosophy of combining the best of the east and the west

    [22:37 - 25:58] - EPSSI Formula

[26:38] - Contrasting the East vs the West

[28:32] - Work everyday to appreciate what we have

[30:17] - Givers vs takers

[32:36] - As you become more successful, expect unusual problems

[33:47] - Most excited about… 😃

[36:02] - No Man’s Land (book)

[37:20] - totalactivation.com

                Contact using “Brian Hosan - Message for Nitin”

[38:54] - Remember me as someone who helped them achieve more balance in their life

[39:56] - Launching out is getting in touch with the things that make you happy

                Following your dreams and improving yourself