'COS I Love You' with Jason Perkins

Jason Perkins is not easily swayed by the winds of change.  His experience launching out has taken him and his family from the Northeastern corners of the U.S. to Texas and most recently to Colorado Springs, CO.  Jason shares his wisdom on these location and career moves having worked both in business development, sales and marketing, as well as spending time in ministry and the non-profit world.  Today Jason serves as the lead pastor of Red Rock Church in Colorado Springs where he and his team are passionate about making a difference in their community.  A small idea to serve the city of Colorado Springs has blossomed into the COS I Love You movement seeing participation from over 100 area churches and raising hundreds of thousands of dollars to help combat homelessness in their city.  

As we discuss in the interview, the time is NOW to build new relationships.  You don't want to miss these life lessons... Read on!


[2:40] - Born in Australia

[3:42] - Director of business development working in marketing and sales

[4:18] - Addicted to growth

[5:05] - Currently serve at Red Rock Church

[6:15] - Internal hurdle - lack of confidence

[6:35] - Scared to death on whether i can do it or not

[7:34] - To overcome that fear…

[8:50] - Whatever your passion is, there are probably others who are equally passionate about it who are wiling to volunteer their time

[9:24] - Get creative on how you recruit

[10:15] - Building a network of relationships with likeminded people

[11:02] - Casting your vision

[11:18] - Also extend the freedom to do it in their own way

[12:13] - Have to keep going back to why we are doing this

[12:27] - It never is best for you to do everything

[12:46] - As soon as you hold on to something you will stunt the growth

[13:49] - Everything ive done is all on the shoulders of other people

[14:16] - COS I Love you backstory

[15:29] - How could we be a church known for how we well love the city of COS

[16:52] - From the beginning it was for the city and we were openhanded with the brand

[17:40] - Special easter offering to help with a solution towards homelessness 

[19:02] - Started by bouncing the idea off of key local leaders for feedback before launch

[19:32] - Never dreamt of this much unity

[19:53] - What are the first steps that I can at least take?

[21:03] - One of the early sounding board guys has become one of the biggest champions for the movement

[22:38] - Began asking the mayor, “what does the CITY need?”

[23:04] - Listen to what they say they need resonates more with people

[23:42] - Now a registered 501.c3

[25:10] - Advice received…

    [25:54] - Don’t wait to build relationships

    [26:32] - The time is NOW, give it a shot NOW

    [26:55] - Networking with likeminded people

[27:56] - In networking its not just what I can gain, its what I can GIVE

[29:05] - Most excited about…

    [30:24] - Practicing Sabbath getting some coaching (Lance Witt - Replenish)

    [30:56] - What are the things that are life-giving to you?

    [31:32] - Energized by projects

    [31:58] - Hiking solo

[33:17] - Practical tips for building in and creating REST

[33:35] - Rest is not necessarily what I always thought it was…

[33:53] - “Rest” has to be energizing

[34:30] - What are the top 3 to 5 things that are life-giving and energizing to ME?

[36:01] - I now “read” books via audiobooks

[36:15] - Try to surround myself with people who think differently than I do

[36:42] - Watch movies that are not mainstream - it expands our thinking

[36:56] - Cary Nieuwhof Podcast

[37:07] - Online Course - The High Impact Leader

[37:37] - Essentialism by Greg McKeown

[38:47] - Legacy haunted me about 5 years ago…

[39.:29] - My hope is that people say, "This guy spent his life pointing people to Jesus."

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[41:52] - launching out is to take the idea (whatever it is) move on it immediately, don’t wait, then circle yourself with world class leaders and you’ll see that dream become a reality.


3 Key Take-a-ways:

1. Practice Sabbath - identify and engage in things that energize you!

2. Networking with likeminded people

3. The time is NOW, don't wait