Finding Gratitude with Georgian Benta

Ever found yourself totally down and out?  Struggling to find something, anything to be thankful for?  Well today's guest Georgian Benta has been there and he shares his journey and how he was able to bounce back from one of his darkest moments and practice gratitude and finding joy.  His journey has inspired him to start and host the Gratitude Podcast focused completely on gratitude and the practices of how others seek and focus on it.  Whether you are at an all-time high or a low point today, you will be encouraged by our conversation!


[2:25] - Started the Gratitude Podcast in 2016

[3:01] - Wanted to learn from people who live in a state of gratitude

[4:00] - Goal with the podcast - to help others live life with a grateful heart

[5:42] - "Everything seemed like it was going down…"

[7:00] - Decided to go out for a walk and started to pray

[9:24] - It’s not about things needing to be a certain way, but it is about me appreciating the things that are in my life

[9:46] - Nothing changed on the outside… it was on the inside

[11:16] - Started different practices related to gratitude 

[11:32] - Searched for a podcast on gratitude and couldn’t find it…

[13:41] - So many different practices related to gratitude

[14:34] - Do my best to incorporate gratitude as much as possible into everyday life

[17:27] - For those struggling with gratitude - go out in nature

[18:09] - Take a DEEP BREATH

[19:25] - You don’t need to have it all figured out, but find one thing that will shift your perspective

[23:38] - Had a lot of insecurities about starting the gratitude podcast…

[24:17] - Main struggle was overcoming my fear of putting myself out there and being honest

[27:10] - The difference between those who are doing and those who are dreaming is the doing it.    

[30:13] - I would be doing this whether it pays or not

[31:53] - Hardwiring Happiness book

[33:06] - Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankel

[33:11] - Conversations with God by Neil Donald Walsh

[34:34] - Gratitude Podcast



[35:30] - Launching Out is to embrace your fears, to know that you don’t know everything, to be open to the unknown and the things you can’t control.  Have the courage to take that leap and LAUNCH and see where it will lead you.