A Mobilizing Fear

Dan Pennell is the founder and CEO of WMtek, Inc. which exclusively offers the Site Stacker, an enterprise software platform for non-profit organizations. A primary focus for Dan is consulting with NPO's to identify organizational challenges and implement solutions, especially in the area of business workflow and enterprise-wide technological deployment. With a background in sales and marketing Dan was an executive at WPTV when he took the leap of starting his own company, an ad agency, which eventually look the lead in media sales of South Florida. Eventually, Dan sought a career that served a bigger purpose and founded WMTEK. 

[02:20] — Dan’s Journey

[10:03] — THIS IS IT!

[14:51] — Unexpected Opportunity

“I literally have until the end of the day to decide if I’m doing this or not.” 

[16:15] — The struggle/excitement

[16:53] — Respond to the Risk

“You’re at the high dive and ask yourself, ‘Am I going to jump?’”

[19:40] — The Fear

"A Fear that mobilized me, didn’t paralyze me." 

[21:33] — External Hurdles

[23:45] — Advice

“Never leave the office without doing one thing that will improve your situation.” — Reese Coffman

[25:50] — One Thing for Sales TODAY! 

[28:40] — Encourage the Next Step

“Evaluate WHY! Why means more than what." 

[34:00] — Aligning Your Life & Work

“Why is more important than what, and it’s certainly more important than how much”

[38:00] — How to Keep Moving

[38:40] — Dependance and Faith

[39:34] — Turmoil and Friction

[42:15] — Fired Up!

[44:27] — Legacy  

[45:32] — Connect w/ Dan



[46:28] — Resources

Raving Fans by William Morrow

Traction by Justin Mares

[47:50] — What does it mean to Launch Out!

“To do what God has called you to do!”

Key Take-aways:

  1. “Never leave the office without doing one thing that will improve your situation”, 
  2. If you feel called it’s worth respond to the risk,
  3. Your why is worth so much more than your what!