Finding Discipline and Focus

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What things are slowing you down? Or what things are stopping you from either starting or completing a project?

A first step is identifying what you know is a roadblock before you can strategize how to remove it or get around it.

In Episode 8 of the LaunchingOut! Podcast, Anne-Marie paints success as a trudge. 

“Success doesn’t happen overnight,” she says. “It’s a trudge of baby steps each and everyday”. 

Productivity, discipline, and of those might be what you're missing or maybe all of them! But this could be the solution you've been looking for.

The Mastery Journal

Your step-by-step guide to mastering productivity, discipline & focus in 100 days.

Would you join me?  Let’s take this ride together and tackle our procrastination, and get focused and make significant strides in our productivity, discipline and focus, NOW. Pick up your copy of the Mastery Journal here.