Jamie Newman on Gaining Perspective

Jamie Newman spent over 8 years helping companies hire people. This included consulting work for engineering firms, major energy producers, and other Fortune 100 companies. Although he had the luxuries of job stability, a 6-figure salary, and unlimited opportunities for personal and professional development, he decided to walk away from his career to pursue his passion. Jamie founded YourBestManager.com with one simple goal: to help first-time managers learn how to build, manage and lead an effective team. He is also the host of the Your Best Manager podcast where he features interviews with leadership experts and provides practical people management advice.

The Pre-Launch

[2:50] — Worked at Aerotek as a recruiter and received really good management training. Went on to train new recruiters. Frustrated with only developing people so far, and then their ability to reach their potential was in the hands of their manager, not their trainer. 

[4:27] — Rewarded as Top Rookie Account Manager in Canada, then Top Account Manager in Alberta, and also reached the Million Dollar Club as a team. 

[4:58] — Reached the point of “now what?” 

[5:45] — "Wanted to train people….became stressed, unhappy, working lots and not getting what I wanted out of it... Reached the breaking point." 

[7:00] — I resigned and a week later I went to Uganda with my church on a mission trip. Good time to gain perspective and detox to answer "what do I want to be doing?” Came back and took the risk, started “Your Best Manager” as a business. Teaching first-time managers how to lead and inspire people. 

Your Best Manager

The Launch

[8:40] — the beginning of Your Best Manager

[10:40] — Decision to resign so challenging: "Loyalty is a very valuable characteristic, even beyond that … as unhappy as I was when I left, I recommend that company for anyone starting a career because people development is very rare." 

Leaving isn’t Always Easy

[12:15] — “I’ve got to do this”, I’m going to schedule a sit down with my boss…pacing, shaking, “Is this the right thing to do” by boss cares about me, my bosses boss, my team, my clients care about me… 

Internal Struggle

[13:24] — "I wasn’t just hanging around people I work with, if you don’t hang around different people you don’t get different perspective."

[13:49] — "I was around people at work, at my church, friends and family and through books/podcasts I was listening to"

[15:30] — Being home for family and keeping up with work … tipping point in deciding to leave and Launch Out! [Internal Struggle was matched by the support of friends and family]

How to Move Forward

[16:54] — "You need to make the decision, the most stressful period of time is when you can’t decide….seek feedback on a variety of levels." 

[18:09] — Seek advice from other people

[19:00] — Setting time frames….everything reinforced my decision. 

[19:50] — "When I quit I wasn’t screwing anyone over, there was even a member of my team ready to be promoted, to replace me." 

Best Advice Received

[20:54] — be encouraged that everything is going to be ok

[22:03] — Provide value FIRST

[22:40] — 10 day free video series on employee engagement

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Most excited about:

[24:00] — "I’m scared, nervous, excited, enthusiastic about what I am about to launch….online training platform for First Time Managers"



The Magic Cup — by Howard Behar

Always True — James McDonald


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Smart Passive Income,

oh and "Launching Out!"


Patrick Betdavid- (Valuetainment)


John Lee Dumas' The Freedom Journal

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That ONE thing

[29:55] — "There are more important things to consider in this life than your career….so many people put their identity in your career. Your professional career is probably the single best opportunity to make an impact on others."

What does it mean to Launch Out?

[31:16] — "When I think of launching out, I literally think of pushing a canoe out onto the lake. While that risk may seem relatively insignificant, it does takes a certain measure of faith (trusting that you won't sink), but more importantly, some of the most beautiful places in the world can only be accessed and appreciated by venturing offshore. Likewise in business and life, before you launch out, you need to prepare for the risk ahead and have a measure of faith in whatever vehicle you choose to utilize... but you also need to recognize the incredible opportunities that lie beyond what you can currently see. There are things you can only see from the water but if you never get in the boat you’ll never see those things. Taking that risk, but the reward is worth the risk.”

[33:00] — inside of YourBestManager

3 Key take-aways

  1. Seek advice and feedback: gain different perspectives, "there are things you can only see from the water, if you never get in the boat you’ll never see those things”.
  2. Provide value FIRST
  3. There are more important things in this life than your career.