Forced to Launch with Stacy Ettel


Stacy Ettel began his career in the Navy as a navigator on a Navy Frigate. At the age of 23, he began what would be a remarkable career at the University of Florida Police Department. He was named Officer of the Year in 1994, made sergeant in just three years, and began training and teaching early on. Ettel took over the security for the school athletes and soon he gained the trust of the football program leaders, and notably Coach Urban Meyer. At 37 years of age, Ettel was promoted to lieutenant. In 2010, Ettel faced a tragedy that would change his journey. That incident brought Ethel to start the formation of the Law Enforcement Advocacy Network (L.E.A.N.) which is a non profit organization that seeks to bring the stories of each law enforcement officer that has been mistreated for simply doing their job to the public eye.  This bold initiative calls for real leadership within a profession that has let political correctness ruin the lives of many.

Stacy Ettel has been working as a deputy in Florida for four years. He keeps a low profile like most officers, serving his community unselfishly. He and his wife, Martha, lead bike tours and go on humanitarian trips to places like Haiti. They also volunteer with the Florida Southern Baptist Disaster Relief, lending their time to help those who’ve gone through tragedy.

[02:55] — Stacy’s Career

[05:26] — The event that changed everything

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[07:31] — A changed name and uncertain next steps

[09:43] — Going back to law enforcement, rebuilding

[10:44] — When you don’t know the next step

[11:10] — Responding to what happened

[11:55] — Surrender

[13:46] — Moving your story forward

[14:08] — L.E.A.N

[15:08] — Media vs Me

[19:18] — What’s next for Stacy? 

[22:26] — Resources

 The Bible

 Jeremiah 29:11

 WatchGuard Video 

[24:51] — What Does it mean to Launch Out!

"LaunchingOut! I picture this rocket sitting on a launch pad and it ignites and takes off. There were so many people that had so much guts to sit down in that rocket and take off. And I think everyone of us are a rocket, where are we launching to, who’s controlling that rocket, who’s launching us? If we focus on those things and the opportunities that are out there in this big world instead of staying in our small shell, it’s so exciting if we aren’t scared to launch!"

3 Key Take-aways: 

  1. When you have no control, learn to surrender and then use your story to impact others! 
  2. No matter where you are, or what you’re going through there is hope.
  3. We are all dealt a hand of cards, so play your hand and show it!