Bob Pritchett on Taking Initiative

Bob Pritchett co-founded Logos Research Systems, Inc. and serves as President/CEO of Faithlife/Logos Bible Software. He speaks regularly at industry conferences and to academic groups on entrepreneurship, electronic publishing and digital libraries. He is a 2005 winner of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award, and was included in the Puget Sound Business Journal's 40 Under 40. Bob's first book, Fire Someone Today, And Other Surprising Tactics for Making Your Business a Success, was released in April 2006.

[01:40] – It all started as a hobby—developing a Bible Software on the side while working at Microsoft

Challenges of Change

[04:10] – “Embrace your ignorance and incompetence…what I don’t know isn’t an obstacle its an opportunity”

[05:12] – START NEXT NOW, “Ignorant and income aren’t elements of our character they are terms of our temporary state of affairs” It’s tempting to find a place where we are comfortable where we know all the parameters…and then stay in that place.

[06:30] – Seeking out something you don’t know how to do [leaning into change]

[07:44] – “When we get that feedback we take it emotionally and if we react emotionally we might not take that next step.”

[08:15] – Seek feedback not on ourselves but on the work. … When you say how could this thing be better, now you’re asking a question about a problem you can solve together

Core value

[09:10] – Ownership – “is taking on all the implications of the thing you have”

Imposter syndrome

[10:33] – Imposter syndrome – “people think they are in a the place you don’t belong,” this place of “I don’t deserve this” or worrying about being a “fake”

[11:42] – “We are all in over our heads and if you’re not in over your heads than you’re probably not growing or doing any thing interesting.”

[12:39] – Use feedback to move forward -“Resolving to make it better and to take it as a lesson from your mistakes, is very empowering to move forward.”

The struggle we all have-FEAR

[13:30] – Intentionality can cause change. “Fear is what keeps us from doing things that are dangerous, but it can also keep you from doing things that are healthy and help you grow.” 

[13:49] – Fear is a fence that sets the boundaries for your success. You can take a fence and move it. You decide where to put the fence posts.

Increasing your rate of change 

[15:41] – Lots of little steps.  “The smaller the step, and the more quickly you take the step the easier it is to change direction.”

[16:12] – Do as much as you can right away. What is the next thing you can do to move ahead?

[16:58] – “If you want to be somewhere else five years from now or a year from now then wake up today and do something different from what you did yesterday.”

Most Excited about

[18:28] – Expanding into more tools for the church. A new category, a new market, new needs…a new area to learn a lot of stuff.

What does Launching Out mean to you?

[23:50] – "Launching out is taking the initiative and just starting."


Start Next Now 

*Tip: History and Biography allows you to learn from other peoples experiences



3 Key Points

1. Embrace your ignorance and incompetence

2. Wake up today and do something different from what you did yesterday

3. Get comfortable being uncomfortable