Motivation with Rob Dial

Rob Dial and his Co-founder, Dean DeVries, started MWFmotivation to help like-minded individuals connect, inspire and grow to become the best versions of themselves. Rob began is sales with Cutco Knives at age 19, succeeding in record breaking sales, he began training other reps to succeed. From there he started a business in consulting corporate companies, but with no desire for the corporate world Rob launched the MWF Motivation Podcast in August of 2015. Rob believes that leaders are not born, they are groomed. Today, Rob and Dean inspire a massive amount of people through podcasting, blogging and book writing that teach people to lead by example in every facet of their life.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, a 10-20 minute episode is released with the motivation you need in order to give you the inspiration you need to execute your week at a high level.

MWFMotivation podcast

[02:42] — Where Rob started

[04:30] — Passion to help and watch people grow

The Journey

[05:33] — Why Cutco?

[07:09] — choosing GREATNESS

[08:44] —  Hack Your Goals

[08:58] — Flipped the switch: bought a coach! INVEST IN YOURSELF “Rob this isn’t going to work unless you bring your best self” ... "the problem is your treating your life like you’re not the CEO, if your life is not where you want it to be it’s YOUR FAULT”

[11:28] —"I spend my money on people who have the skills that I want, in order to get what I want”.

Advice to GET THERE

[13:19] — Get rid of your free time

"If you really want something you have to sacrifice your free time.” 

[14:54] — Work hard on your side project THEN quit your job

[16:10] — The key word is SACRIFICE 

Biggest Hurdles Starting Out

[17:06] — Self-Discipline

[18:02] — Move past lazy and switch to WILLPOWER

Most Excited About

[19:45] — Lost my drive, What brought back the vision

[20:10] — 1 Million downloads in my first year, now looking for 1 Million in ONE MONTH

[20:30] — Excites me to change peoples lives, Passion to impact lives

[20:46] — Provide value and money will naturally follow


Netflix: I Am Not Your Guru by Tony Robbins

*TIP: Youtube Search the book you want to read, get the summary before committing your time

MWFMotivation podcast

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What does it mean, in your own words, to LAUNCH OUT!?

[27:03] — "To find something that you’re actually passionate about and let go of the fear that you have to work for someone else, or let go of the fear that you have to have a salary all the time?… Once you’re past the fear you’ll realize how free you really are. Launching Out is breaking the chains and allowing yourself to be free to do something you WANT to do rather than something you HAVE to do." 

3 Key Take-aways:

  1. You are the CEO of your life! If you’re not where you want to be in life, it’s YOUR OWN fault,
  2. If you really want something you have to make sacrifices,
  3. Provide value, and money will naturally follow!