Evaluation & Setting Benchmarks

In this fast-paced life, it is important to make time for self-evaluation and setting benchmarks.  If we don't measure something, we will be unable to track progress. 

This past week I took a LifeScore™ Assessment provided by Michael Hyatt.  I have been traditionally bad at follow through, so I am trying to take very active steps towards improvement. This self-evaluation took less than 10 minutes and really just got me thinking about where I am at in different areas of my life, and making a plan to improve.

If you are not already tracking progress in your life in these areas, I strongly recommend going and checking this tool out.  NOTE: This is available for a limited time.  I am not sure when Michael will be pulling it down, but run to go get it!  

It's never too late to start making noticeable progress.  Just take the first step!