Terri McHugh on Enjoying the Journey

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Terri McHugh is a stay at home mommy, wife, photographer. and blogger. She writes about her life as she navigates and invests in multiple roles. www.xoxoterri.com 


[5:36] – Started on Instagram taking pictures of her kids, got connected with a children’s forum on Instagram featuring other accounts.

[6:34] – Accepted role as page moderator. Went from 500 followers to 10,000 

[8:25] – Get’s promoted by Instagram

[10:54] – Decision to be recognized and exposed 

[12:32] – I’ll just start it and if it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t work out, but you at least have to try.

[13:48] – What’s my theme? “What’s my one thing?” Who am I?

[16:03] - Followers are people I never expected to be interested in my material.

[18:50] – Keeping a work and family balance: don’t just work with everyone, if its something I don’t believe in I’ll move along

[20:18] – The work is fun but it’s not always glamorous, but like anything you do well takes work.

[22:30] – Allowing my kids to participate and understand why I do what I do

[24:40] – Enjoy the journey as long as it lasts, as easily as it came in, it could go. Be thankful for the time I have with it.

[25:09] – Future steps: Want to invest more in blogging and moving over to Pinterest.

[26:32] – The hardest part was the fear of not knowing what this would look like, or the fear of not being able to deliver.

[27:24] – Don’t get stifled by having to do it right, because you can't be creative that way. Remember what you love about what you’re doing.

[29:41] – “Launching Out means to go for it whole heartedly, let the fear go, just do it, if you fail then you deal with that but just go for it.”




3 Key Points

  1. Opportunities can be unexpected and unplanned,
  2. Find balance in accepting opportunities, fun first!
  3. Enjoy the journey as long as it lasts.