Burning Platforms with Brent Warwick

Born in South Carolina, raised in New Jersey, a student at Clemson University, and resident of Kobe, Japan and Akron, Ohio, Brent is a nomad at heart. But despite his incessant curiosity and passion for exploration, Brent will forever identify as a displaced Southerner and advocate the use of the word "y'all." His loyalty has landed him back in his homeland of Clemson, where he is currently raising his three kids, and enjoying showing them the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

Brent serves as the Leading Director at ipsoCreative, which simply means he's at the forefront of understanding how ipso can best serve its clients and, in his words, "be raving fans of things that matter." He's also the storyteller and rallier of the ipsoCreative tribe.

[2:04] — Brent’s Starting Out Journey

[4:52] — “Sometimes you learn more through negative experiences than positive ones.” 

[5:51] — Decision to go overseas

[12:20] — Corporate Journey

[13:18] — Could I be doing something different?

[14:00] — Building towards the launch of a company…

[14:43] — Dissatisfaction with how the Agency world ran.

[15:15] — Ipso’s beginning

[17:20] — The Hurdles of Starting Ipso

[18:24] — "All you need is an idea and a willingness to be broke.”

[18:43] — There needs to be a need that needs to be met…”All you need is a GOOD idea and a willingness to be broke.”

[19:52] — “If you try to line everything up ahead of time, you will probably not take the first step.

[22:12] — There was literally no “Plan B."

[23:00] — Nothing motivates you like necessity

[24:17] — Advice Shared

[25:09] — “You’re going to become students of cash flow”

[27:00]— Sustainability and Purpose

[27:47] — "Think through everything at it’s root level, and then keep everything in it’s proper place."

[29:00] — “It can be challenging sometimes even if you have the smallest amount of success to become complacent, or to take things for granted and lose sight of those original convictions you had in starting a business.

[32:42] — Holding to Principles in Great Adversity  

[33:29] — Favorite Part

[34:08] — Purpose over Profit and Influence over Growth, Raising Water Level over Prestige

[35:50] — Innovation

[37:04] — "Work within peoples strengths is the key to innovation.”

[37:39] — "Innovation in and of itself is standing on the edge of the unknown."

[39:35] — Thankfulness

[41:20] — “Burning Platform” 

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Twitter @Brentwarwick

Instagram @Brentwarwick

[45:21]  — What Does it mean to Launch Out!

“Jumping off a cliff and building a parachute as you fall." 

3 Key take-aways

  1. If you try to line everything up ahead of time, you will probably not take the first step,
  2. Be Students of Cashflow- Keep Priorities and hold to Principles in Great Adversity,
  3. Work within peoples strengths is the key to innovation.

    BONUS - Create a "burning platform" to motivate you to take the next step!